Mina Software Developers group, was founded on 2004. At first, Mina group was focused on Network related products and services. But latterly, we have expanded our work and currently we offer various types of computer related products and services, such as :

  • Design and Develop of various dynamic or static web sites, like Portals, e-Commerce Solutions, Personal websites and...
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring your website on top of search engines (such as Google or Yahoo) results.
  • Web hosting and registration with maximum security and performance.
  • Network design and implementation, with help of certified network engineers.
  • Design and Develop custom single or client-server software solutions.
  • Hardware services, Prepare custom PCs with maximum performance, easy to use and maintenance, and after sale services and warranty.
  • Correct computer issues (software and hardware issues) and keep your system running at its best. Per-case or Periodic services.